The Daughters of St Paul

Pauline Electronic Publishing is an expression of the ministry of the Daughters of St. Paul,
an international congregation of women religious, founded in 1915 to work with the modern media in order to spread the Gospel.

We are present in over 50 countries with publishing, production and distribution centres,
TV and radio stations, and Web sites. We provide means for human and Christian growth covering a vast range of books, videos, computer software, web site services, interactive media, cassettes, posters and any other medium suitable for the proclamation of the Gospel.
It was the founding inspiration of Fr James Alberione which gave rise to the unique
Christ-centred spirituality and mission of the Daughters of St Paul. Attentive to the
Spirit, he saw the need to make use of the new media of mass communication
so that the Gospel might reach all peoples around the world.

This Internet magazine is a part of our growing presence on the World Wide Web -
another "world" in which we can help to make Christ known.

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