about us

What's in a name?

The name Terra Spiritus ties the past with the present, challenging Australia's status
as 'terra nullius', only recently cast-off, and acknowledging the gift and presence of the
Spirit in this land and its people from the earliest aboriginal communities to the present day.

Australia is, as the Portuguese explorer Pedro Fernandez de Quiros declared on Pentecost Sunday in 1606, the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit. The use of Latin for the title taps into the Christian heritage brought to this land by its European colonisers.

Our Vision

Terra Spiritus provides a rare space for engagement with the Spirit in our lives, inspiring its readers to a renewed and refreshed experience of Christian spirituality.Through a unique mix of accessible articles on Christian spirituality,
reflective prayers and beautiful visuals, Terra Spiritus
invites and draws readers into a deeper awareness
of the Spirit at work in their daily lives, in their homes,
in their workplaces and in their relationships.

It is an invitation to listen, connect and engage
with the sacred, an invitation to embrace
and nurture an ongoing relationship with God.

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